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Patchwork Oak Skirt

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    A mix of linen, cotton and cotton/linen blend fabrics

    elastic at back of waist 

    ties at waist 

    hidden pockets (red check pocket lining) 


    Sizing information 

    Unstretched/ and stretched max in inches… I would say for medium for example you don’t want to base it off of either unstretched or stretched but if you fall somewhere in the middle. So 14 inch unstretched and 19 stretched so I would say 15-17ish so about a total waist circumference of 30-34 would be good. Also basing if off of where you would be wearing the waist either lower or higher. 

    Xxs 11/16

    XS 12/17 

    S 13/18

    M 14/19

    L 15/20

    Xl 16.5/ 21

    Xxl 18.25/23

    Xxxl 21/ 26


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    Patchwork Oak Skirt
    Patchwork Oak Skirt

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